PANTHER PRIDE: UNI Offers Trade-In On Shirts

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The University of Northern Iowa coaches are asking students to take off their shirts, but that’s only if they are wearing Iowa or Iowa State shirts.

Basketball coach Ben Jacobson and wrestling coach Doug Schwab exchanged student Lucas Willet’s Iowa shirt for a UNI shirt and that was the theme Wednesday on campus.

Panther after Panther exchanged their Cyclone and Hawkeye gear for purple and gold.

The coaches came up with the idea for the shirt exchange. They are still trying to decided what to do with the pile of discarded shirts.

“Just trying to get them off our campus. We’re the University of Northern Iowa and we’ve got a lot of pride in what we’re doing. It’s an opportunity to get some of that stuff off our campus,” says Coach Jacobson.

Coach Schwab says another idea for the Iowa and Iowa State shirts would be to send them to each others’ school.

The athletic department plans on doing the t-shirt exchange again in the next few weeks.