SOLDIER HOMECOMING: Families Welcome Heroes

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A group of Iowa soldiers came home Thursday following a ten month deployment.

Waiting for a loved one is tough.

“I`m really nervous and excited, it`s just overwhelming,” says Amanda Coffey of Des Moines.

“I can`t stand still, I’m super excited, I can`t wait,” says Teresa Seabrooke of Des Moines.

Waiting on a loved one who's fighting overseas is even harder.

“It`s  been 11 months,” says Coffey.

“286 days,” says Seabrooke.

Family and friends anxiously waited to welcome home soldiers they couldn't wait to get their arms around.

The Des Moines based 402 Engineer Company includes 95 soldiers who helped clear routes through Afghanistan.

During their deployment the group found 18 IEDs and three weapon caches, where weapons were being hidden.

Now after nearly a year, they're home.

“It`s indescribable, it`s indescribable, I’m shaking I can`t stop thinking about him I’m just glad he`s home safe,” says Seabrooke.

“He just looked so handsome and I was just so excited to see his face,” says Coffey.

For Spc. Justin Coffey and his wife Amanda the reunion is familiar.

“Pretty much right here was the first time we actually got to physically lay eyes on each other so it`s kind of neat to be back here after these 11 months,” says Spc. Coffey.

The two met online and soon got married.

Only three months in; Justin was deployed and the newlyweds were separated, until now.

“I`m on cloud nine right now,” says Spc. Coffey.

Justin's brother-in-law also took part in a friendly show of a support.

“Justin was being deployed to Afghanistan boots on the ground in January, so I’m going to start growing my beard out till he gets back,” says Ben Dose of Des Moines.

Thursday, Justin got to take the first cut.

“It's so awesome,” says Spc. Coffey.

Eight soldiers from the company were awarded the Purple Heart Medal during their deployment.