TROOPER TRAINING: Recruits Put To The Test

trooper training

Some potential troopers began their training Friday.

Fifteen recruits went through orientation at the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy.

Training begins Monday at the facility which is located at Camp Dodge in Johnston.

Seven recruits are training to become state troopers, eight want to join the DOT Motor Vehicle Division.

The training will last 20 weeks and will be followed by 70 days of field training.

State troopers who’ve been through the program say the recruits are in for some “shock and aw” when they report for training Monday.

“Our academy is a pair military academy and it’s going to be tough training for these recruits coming in,” says Sgt. Scott Bright.

“We like to put them through different scenarios, put a lot of stress on them just to see how they’re going to react when they’re done with their 20 weeks of training and how they’re going to deal with the public.”

Before making it to the training academy, the recruits go through a six month hiring process which includes a background check and physical and psychological tests.



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