DEADLINE LOOMS: Possible Government Shutdown

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The U.S. Government is one step closer to a partial shutdown Sunday night thanks to the continued failure of Washington politicians to find agreement.

The Republican-led House of Representatives voted 231 to 192 on Saturday night to delay the Affordable Health Care Act, or ‘Obamacare’, for one year.

The measure also provides temporary funds so that federal offices won’t have to close on Tuesday morning.

The Senate Democratic leaders decided not to meet Sunday with the deadline looming.  But they’ve already signaled that they will not pass the Republican plan.

Even if the Democrats went for the measures, the White House said the President would veto it.

“Will you accept the compromise? If this government shuts down it is because you have not accepted the compromise that Republicans have reached out to you and offered,” said Rep. Rohrabacher.

“Mr. Speaker, for people who are tuning in to this debate, I want to make sure there is no confusion – this is not Saturday Night Live.  This is the Republican majority at work, only they are not working.  It is a game and it is a game they have played since day one,” said Rep. Israel.

Iowa’s four Congressmen offered their take on what happened.

Second district Democrat Dave Loebsack said in a statement that the day’s vote did nothing more than push the government toward a shutdown and put politics before the basic work Iowan’s expect Congress to get done.

First district Democrat Bruce Braley said the Government Shutdown Bill passed by the House was reckless, irresponsible and a threat to job creation as well as economic recovery.  The bill puts the United States on the verge of a government shutdown and jeopardizes critical functions like the processing of Social Security and veterans benefits, Braley added.

On the other side of the argument, Republican Congressman Steve King said that the House has acted twice to insist the President recognize the flaws in ‘Obamacare’ and act to prevent the havoc it will wreak on our economy.  President Obama and Senate Democrats have a choice to either act responsibly to prevent a shutdown and delay the implementation of ‘Obamacare’ for one year or to shut the government down in an effort to save their disastrous health care law, King said.

Republican Congressman Tom Latham released a statement before the Saturday night vote that said it is now the responsibility of the U.S. Senate to move this process toward the President’s desk in an effort to protect the American people and our troops from a disastrous shutdown on the first of October.

Congress has a deadline of midnight on Monday to avoid a government shutdown.