CHOCOLATE RUN: ‘Greedy’ Claim Refuted

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The organizers of the original Hot Chocolate Run want to set the record straight on how much they have donated to charity and how much they’ve made from the races.

It comes after a metro sponsor backed out of this year’s race to start their own citing the run was “making an awful lot of money doing this.”

Ton Stam, the owner of Chocolaterie Stam sponsored the event for three years but said not enough of the money was going to charity.

O’Connell is the race director for the Hot Chocolate Run taking place on November 3rd and refutes those claims. “Over three years, a race that started with nothing we’ve been able to donate $10,340,” O’Connell said.

O’Connell says the first two years of the race he made nothing and last year he took home $3,000 for his work.

He adds that the rest of the money went to expenses like fleece shirts, chip timing and portable toilets.

As for being a big-time promoter, O’Connell says he puts on just two races a year – not to make money but to promote a healthy lifestyle.

“If you take a look at a lot of the information on cancer these days the real key to minimizing it is good nutrition and exercise,” says O’Connell.

As for having a second chocolate themed run in Des Moines, O’Connell replied, “I think they should run both.”

The Hot Chocolate Run to benefit Above and Beyond Cancer is being held November 3rd.

The Stam Chocolate Charity Run benefiting the John Stoddard Cancer Center will be on November 16th.