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MURPHY’S LAW: Good Bad, Lolo Binge, Erin Birthday

Posted on: 10:52 pm, September 30, 2013, by , updated on: 01:20am, October 1, 2013


I found the much-anticipated finale to the Emmy-award winning drama, Breaking Bad, entirely satisfying. I won’t give away spoilers here. Half my friends, heck even my parents, are currently binge-watching Breaking Bad to catch up. My wife and I watched 60 episodes in less than two months.

I was slow to the show because I didn’t think I’d enjoy crystal meth arcs, but boy was I wrong. Like any great story, it’s the people and their motives that make you care. If Breaking Bad isn’t the greatest drama series in television history, it’s definitely top five. I’ll miss having it to look forward to.

breaking bad

The best new show I’ve seen this September is Blacklist. NBC’s needs a hit drama, and this is it. The show has a Silence of the Lambs vibe to it, but finds its own way. James Spader dominates every scene he’s in.

spaderSpader doesn’t look like Blaine any more. (Editor’s note: As dozens of you have noted through emails and posts, Spader played Steph; Andrew McCarthy was Blaine. Keith better not disrespect John Hughes again.)

Hostages showed promise, but then bored me.

Of the comedies, Trophy Wife, Michael J Fox Show (great title!), Back In The Game, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine all had promising debuts. Most shows didn’t.

What am I missing? You always send me to something I’m overlooking. A few years ago that was Modern Family. …

USA Today’s basketball predictions has Iowa State tenth out of ten teams. Did they not learn anything from the past two seasons of expecting little from ISU? No way ISU comes in last. …

Is it just me, or do the Dolphins jerseys seem more “blue” than before? …

Lolo Jones has put on 30 pounds. She wants to add more weight. Most of us are trying to go the other way. Lolo’s binge-eating–9,000 calories a day–to add muscle, which she didn’t lack before. Lolo is pushing a 400 pound sled for the United States bobsled team. The Des Moines Register’s Bryce Miller has coverage all week. ….

loloandkeithEarl Campbell says it’s time for Mack Brown to go. When Earl speaks, Longhorns listen. No one has done less with more than Brown lately. …

Why do Gopher fans hate Iowa?

Well, losing again won’t help that attitude, now will it? …

Lane Kiffin is the Steve Alford of college football. (Actually, that’s not fair to Alford.) …

How ’bout those Chiefs? Who else had them 4-0? Me either. …

Peyton Manning has 16 touchdown passes and 0 interceptions. That’s just silly. …

Nelson Cruz returned from his 50 game PED suspension just in time for the Rangers play-in game. Naturally, Ranger fans gave Cruz a standing ovation. The Rays won. Good. …

Happy Birthday, Erin Kiernan. Erin just turned 4l;aitua[pslzxbi8 vjn Dang. She’s quick with the judo chop. …



  • Karen says:

    Spader wasn’t Blaine. He was Steff. Andrew McCarthy was Blaine.

  • stacey says:

    James Spader was Steph. Blaine was Andrew McCarthy….

  • Dawn W. says:

    Okay, so I just watched the pilot of Breaking Bad a week or so ago. I only watched the whole thing because someone I know said it was so good. But honestly I was bored to tears with the monotonous tone of it and really, if I want to see something so “docu-drama-esque” I just watch the news. I’d rather see the good guy take down the bad guy, not be the bad guy getting away with creating crack. And we’ve all got our own life issues, I don’t need to see this where everywhere the guy turns, life sucks. No wonder we have so much more violence in this country, if that’s the kind of show that is award-winning….

    Sorry, I realize we all have different tastes but I just don’t get it.

  • Keith Murphy says:

    Spader was Steph! You’re right. I regret the error, and punched myself in the face.


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