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WORLDLY MOVE: Globe Heading To Historical Building

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The entire world will travel down Locust Street this week.

A six foot aluminum globe will make the move to the State Historical Building Wednesday morning.

The globe has been a fixture in the lobby of the Des Moines Register in downtown Des Moines since 1950.

The Register has since moved to a new location.

The Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs says the globe will eventually be placed in a prominent location inside the historical museum.

“When The Des Moines Register installed the globe in 1950, it was to represent the importance of cultural understanding between the people of the different countries and to remind visitors we are all part of one world,” Cultural Affairs Director Mary Cownie said.

“In a time of ongoing fragmentation between people and nations, the globe will inspire guests to the State Historical Museum to recognize our interdependence and share the Iowa tradition of understanding others.”

Having not been updated in 35-years, the 150-pound globe still depicts East and West Germany as divided nations and the Soviet Union still stands.