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DRUG BUST: Iowan Found With $2M Cocaine Haul

Posted on: 4:09 pm, October 1, 2013, by

A Marshalltown man is facing felony charges after being found with nearly 53-pounds of cocaine.

Alfredo Ramos, 49, was a passenger in a semi pulled over for a turn signal violation in Madison County, OH shortly before 3 p.m. Monday.

A State Patrol drug-sniffing canine indicated contraband on board the California registered semi.

Troopers then found cocaine worth $2-million behind a false wall in the trailer.

ohio cocaine bust Alfredo Ramos

Along with the Californian driver, Abraham Martinez, Ramos has been charged with federal conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine. They are both being held in the county jail.

If convicted, the two men could face life in prison.


  • So, was this just a random traffic stop by an officer who had a drug dog with him and got lucky? Or was this an on-going investigation, the truck was being followed, and then a traffic violation was used to stop it and use a dog(s)?

  • Dinamyst says:

    No wonder I’ve been seeing a lot a brand new high dollar vehicles in Newton with Mexicans driving em ‘ lately!

  • michelld says:

    I’m sure those guys are driving nice cars because they work. Just because some Hispanics got pulled over in a semi with drugs doesn’t mean that all Hispanics have or sell drugs!

  • LG says:

    They had to have been following this truck… turn signal violation?? Drug dog..Really? No way this was a lucky call

  • Joe Kemple says:

    These guys were totally crazy and making a big mistake.
    I’m not sure which is a bigger crime, hauling some cocaine, or stealing the rest of these guys lives away from them.

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