LIVEWELL MINUTE: Hypertension in Kids

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Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is common among adults, but it can also be found in children. Approximately three percent of kids have high blood pressure, and this rate is on the rise.

Dr. Ari Auron, Pediatric Nephrologist, Blank Children's Hospital says, "For young children, hypertension is often the result of another medical condition. Some newborns born prematurely have high blood pressure because of problems with their kidneys, lungs or heart."

"However," Auron continues, "high blood pressure in children can also develop for the same reasons it does in adults. Among older kids and teens, being overweight is a risk factor. Exercise and eating right is often the best form of treatment. When high blood pressure is caught early and treated, a child can lead an active, normal life."

Although rare in kids, hypertension can cause damage to the heart, kidneys, and blood vessels over time. Diagnosing and treating high blood pressure early will help prevent this damage.

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