COUSINS UNDERCOVER: Panora Family Featured On Ellen

Two national TV crews from HGTV and Ellen spent the week in Panora to help a local family out.

Ellen sent her correspondent, Jeannie Klisieqicz, to surprise the family.

“It’s just a lot of nervous energy because you’re so excited especially with ones like this, we get to see what they’ve done inside the home and you just can’t wait for the family to be able to join you and see the home they’re going to be living in,” Jeannie said.

Sam and Cassie Wendl wrote to HGTV’s Cousins Undercover to ask them for help fixing a leaky roof that had spread mold through their home.

Earlier this week the family was on the Ellen Degeneres Show on Channel 13 and learned their wish had been granted and renovations were already underway.

On Thursday night, the Wendl’s and crews from both shows all returned to Panora.

They were greeted by big crowds and say this week has been a whirl-wind.

“It was really exciting, we had awesome people with us, it made it really fun we got all our energy up and ready to go, we just couldn’t wait to see it,” Cassie said.

Although the family got to see the finished product Thursday night, the viewing audience had to wait until the Ellen Show aired Friday afternoon.

The cousins fixed the Wendl’s leaky roof and ended up doing a lot more.

The renovations included re-doing the entire first level with a new kitchen, dining room, guest bedroom and family room.

The cousins also made custom dog houses and a fence for the family’s three dogs.


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