DEPOSITION VIDEO: Kent Sorenson’s Interview

WHO-TV has obtained a video tape of former Sen. Kent Sorenson’s deposition regarding his involvement with the Michelle Bachmann and Ron Paul presidential campaigns.

The Senate Ethics Committee called for an independent investigation earlier this year, after complaints that Sorenson received  payments from both campaigns, in violation of Senate Ethics Rules.

Sorenson resigned Wednesday after the independent counsel released the results of its investigation, which showed Sorenson received payment from the Bachman campaign and could face felony charges for not divulging that information while under oath.

During the deposition, independent counsel, Mark Weinhardt asks Sorenson to explain income listed on his 2011 and 2012 tax returns.  In many instances, Sorenson is unable to explain the source of the income.  Sorenson goes on to describe his rising stardom in the Republican Party and his potential of becoming a U.S. Senator.


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