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FATAL ACCIDENT: ISU Student Killed On Hwy 30

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Authorities are trying to figure out why an Iowa State University senior was walking across Highway 30 before he was hit and killed Thursday night.

It happened in Ames just west of University Boulevard an hour after the Iowa State football game.

Police aren't the only ones wondering what 23 year old Austin Wonderlich was doing on Highway 30 after attending Thursday night's Iowa State football game.

"I’m not sure we'll ever know what Austin was doing on the other side of Highway 30,” said Joel McCrea, a family friend.

McCrea knew Austin for 18 years.

His son was Austin's roommate and one of the last people to see him alive.

"They went to the football game and went their separate ways. My son went back to his house, but Austin never came back," McCrea told Channel 13 News.

Wonderlich was hit by a fellow student who was headed west-bound on his way home from work.

Police say the 21 year old driver from Webster City wasn't speeding and hadn't been drinking.

Had the accident not happened, Austin would have had class in Iowa State’s Curtiss Hall.

He was studying agriculture and life science.

Robert Martin was his advisor and despite working with more than 50 other students, Martin says Austin stood out.

"He was very directed. He came in with an agenda when he would talk to me about his coursework,” Martin said.

Martin and McCrea agree that agenda would have likely led Austin to a successful career in AG business.

"I think he was looking to get involved in seed sales,” said McCrea.

"He certainly had the leadership skills to do that,” Martin told Channel 13 News.

Charges aren't expected to be filed against the driver.

Police say it could be weeks before they know if Wonderlich had alcohol in his system when he was hit.


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