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MORNING BUZZ: Let’s try again

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Good Morning.
I’ve started writing and deleted two posts this week…You probably shouldn’t write a public blog when you’re mad. I’ve tried to see if a couple of days give a little perspective on the week’s events. Here’s what I’ve come up with.

-No one is clean in Washington. If your perspective is that the Republicans are trying to negotiate but the President won’t talk…you’re delusional. If your perspective is that the GOP is holding the country hostage for an ideological crusade…you’re delusional. The truth, as always is much more elusive and much more complicated.
Democrats haven’t produced a budget for years…Republicans have at least put out a document. The President put out a budget but it was late. No one wants to put a spending plan on paper because all of these guys, liberal and conservative are now more worried about primary politics than they are about general elections. If you write anything down or say anything that shows vision or a plan…people will tear it apart and you will get someone running to your right or left.
Republicans are just as good at obstructing in the House and Senate as the Democrats are. It’s laughable to hear Sen Harry Reid complaining about the Speaker blocking a bill he doesn’t like. The Senate Majority Leader may have literally written the playbook on obstruction.
-Republicans should put a clean CR to a vote in the House…they would pass it and fund the Government.
-Democrats should open the affordable care act to amendments. They should pick parts of it Republicans (and we should say a lot of Democrats) want to see come to a vote, including the individual mandate… then see where we land. I think most of the law would stay intact and some of the nonsense might actually get cut out.
In short, all these knuckleheads who are mouthing off about this or that party or this or that lawmaker who is dishonoring the constitutional process… they should start actually following the spirit, not just the letter of the law. Everyone could do better.
-The Congressmen, including Congressman King, who went down to the WWII Memorial to “make sure the Veterans got in” from the Story County Freedom FLight could have made it a lot easier for everyone…just do your job and pass the CR.
These guys went down there bemoaning the fact that the Government was shut down…they voted to do it!

-Shutdowns like this reveal a couple of things. The world is not ending because we’ve shuttered some Federal offices. It’s an interesting process watching the Government say out loud what is and what is not an “essential” service. I’m not a guy who is so against government that I want to see entire departments shut down but it begs the question…if this is a non-essential service…can we find efficiencies, streamline the delivery and therefore the cost?
-I welcome your comments about the shutdown, but I’d ask everyone to be thoughtful Try, if you would, to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. If your stance is all or nothing..ask yourself, isn’t that what I’m criticizing the other side for? Compromise is not failure.

So the website that’s supposed to give options to people who want to buy individual insurance is slow and unreliable. I’m not ready to join the chorus of people who are saying “I told you so” and “if this is where we’re starting, how bad is this going to be?” It is a massive undertaking and ANY fix of the Healthcare system is going to have problems.
-I had a thought: What if Republicans had just passed the CR last week? What if they’d let the national Media focus on the start of Obamacare? How many stories would have focused on the parts of the law Republicans don’t like? How much more pressure would have been brought to bear on the President and Democrats to open the law to, at the very least, limited amendments? Would that be better or worse than getting most of the blame for shutting down the government and producing NO change whatsoever in the ACA?

Kent Sorenson is out of office after an independent report showed he cashed in on the Iowa Caucuses in a big way. Sorenson says he didn’t do anything “against the law as written“. Of the allegations he took money he said, ” “I don’t believe I lied,”, and “If you’re a subcontractor, who do you work for? I was never an employee of Bachmann for President.” That sounds like a guy who knows what he did was wrong, but is going to try to make the argument that he found a loophole based on the wording. He argues other lawmakers own businesses that benefit from the Caucuses and that the transactions influence their endorsement…catering companies, landlords with apartment or office space to rent. That may indeed be a grey area…but Sorenson just took cash to be Kent Sorenson. According to the report it was pay for an endorsement…and when he decided he wasn’t getting enough money…he switched to a camp that could give him more money. That’s political conviction folks. That’s the high moral standard and the Christian principles that Sorenson beat us all over the head with.
When are we going to learn? Anyone who runs for office and lets us know how good a Christian they are…how they will be a “moral leader”. Run the other way.
Being a Christian does not automatically qualify you as a better person…you have to live the principles you profess to believe.
As for the rest of us… how about we elect candidates who are going to approach office with an eye to serving people…not themselves or their Party? That goes for local and national leaders.

Iowa State got screwed. That was a fumble. Even in frustration and defeat, Coach Paul Rhodes shows the fire and commitment to his players that have drawn in some good recruits.

President’s Cup
And so a frustrating week is made better by the golf played at the end of it. I love watching team golf and so the President’s Cup is a treat. Zach Johnson is on the team but almost didn’t make it to the matches. He had the flu earlier in the week. Zach made it to his first match Thursday and continued his beautiful play from the end of the season. President’s Cup coverage continues this weekend on NBC and I think we don’t have a TII Saturday because of it.

I almost forgot! My Parents sent this picture over this morning. They got the chance to hang out with Lord Stanley’s Cup this week at WGN’s Studios in Chicago. they have another son who is much more highly placed in Media than this Reporter. The best I can do is get em a table a little quicker when we take em out to dinner here…and that’s only if the guy at the Hostess stand doesn’t watch The other guys!
I am openly jealous.momand dad cup

Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife.
As Always I welcome your comments, concerns and criticisms.
Have a good weekend

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  • William Dickerson

    I read everything down to the end of the last sentence under “Obamacare” and didn’t have to read more – I just HAD to comment! You nailed it, “right-on”, or whatever other phrases from the past or present you want to use to say “I could not agree more!” Perfect, spot-on, you said so many things that much of the rest of the country would love to say BUT IS AFRAID TO thanks to a number of reasons.They need to stop toeing the party line (yes the proper phrase is “TOE the line”, conform, fit in) and start thinking for themselves and for the good of the people who hired and sent them there to represent them, not think for them. I firmly believe that if we had the average typical Democrat and the average typical Republican up there things would get done – instead America sent the most vocal and radical from BOTH groups and it’s a cat fight. No, I take that back, CATS fight with more dignity and purpose! Sorry to all cat lovers that I just insulted our cats. Seriously, visit your local GRADE SCHOOL if you want to see examples of DC behavior. It’s not just DC – it’s in the state governments as well.

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