TRAFFIC SAFETY: GOP Unhappy With Checkpoints

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Police are conducting a traffic safety checkpoint on Railroad Avenue in West Des Moines Friday. Road signs have been alerting drivers that their vehicle could be pulled over at random.

Lt. Jim Barrett says, “We will be pulling the vehicle over, having them check the lights, and we`ll be asking for their license, insurance card and registration."

Police will pull over every 3 to 5 cars making sure drivers turn signals and headlights are working properly. Unless prompted to - the police will not search inside the cars.

The random checks aren't going over well with the Republican Party. The Iowa GOP released a statement early Friday morning urging people to not give into illegal car searches.

Republican Party Executive Director, Steve Bierfeldt says, “I was just concerned about randomly pulling people over for no reason based on no crime they`ve committed.”

However, former party member, David Kochel says, “they shouldn`t be sending out press releases basically telling people that they should thwart the police for doing their job.”

By law a driver can refuse to consent to a search of the vehicle. Drivers also have the right to ask and leave from a scene if they are not arrested.

The check point goes until 10 pm.