PET BLESSING: Church Service With Furry Friends

Plymouth United Church of Christ has worshiped in Des Moines for over a hundred years. But today they decided to mix things up a little by holding their first ever blessing of the animals.

Poodle owner Judith Muller may hold the leash, but Bella is in charge. Muller says, “I think I just jump at her command. She’s a good communicator.”

Bella took the lead in Muller’s life a year ago when her health took a turn for the worse. “I don’t know if I would have made it through it. If I didn’t have my Bella. She gives me so much joy,” said Muller.

Today she returns the favor by getting her favorite furry friend a blessing at Plymouth United Church of Christ.

While the primary purpose of the service is to bless the animals, leaders say it also serves as a reminder to the owners that these cuddly creatures are a gift from God. Associate Minister Kit Novotny says, “When folks had the opportunity to close their eyes. To place a hand on their pet who they you know may take for granted just every day and just acknowledge that it’s a gift.”

A day to give thanks for their animal’s unconditional love… by celebrating all gods’ creations.

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