ABBY’S BENEFIT: Raising Money For Her Medical Bills

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Four-year-old Abby Faber was diagnosed with cerebral palsy over a year ago, requiring her to use a walker. This week she will undergo surgery to in Minnesota to help her walk better.

Any other gloomy day; raindrops would keep people away.

However, today is all about the gift of giving, to help improve little Abby’s quality of living.

Family friend Melissa Smith says, “It is amazing to see the community come out and support her.”

Steve and Jenny Faber weren’t sure asking for money would be a success.
Boy, were they wrong they're feeling extremely blessed.

“Overwhelming, I don`t think there’s enough words to describe,” say Jenny.

Many here have stood behind this family since day one. Others, perfect strangers, decided to pack up and come.

“There are faces that I don`t recognize and people I’ve talked to that have offered up their support and prayers that we`ve have never met,” says Jenny.

It’s amazing all these people would come together, despite the rainy weather.

Family friend, Vicki Fulk, says “this is an awesome experience. It says a lot about the community.”

Abby will spend six weeks recovering in Minnesota. The money raised at Sunday's benefit will go towards medical and travel expenses.

Donations can still be made for Abby's cause at both Northwest Bank locations in Ankeny as well as online.