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FIRE WARNING: Home Owners Reminded of Gas Line Dangers

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The Johnston fire department is sounding the alarm over a common construction material used in a number of metro homes.

Firefighters are warning about yellow CSST. It’s used as a supply line for natural gas and propane in homes.

It is most commonly covered in a yellow coating.

The product was used in thousands of homes built between the years 2000 and 2010.

CSST has been blamed for a number of house fires.

The Johnston fire department says a lightning strike near a home with the product can cause the piping to arc and rupture causing a gas leak.

Firefighters and home inspectors are now trained to be on the lookout for the piping.

“In October of 2012 there was a very brief thunderstorm that went through. We got a report from a resident who thought they could smell something burning, we got on the scene and our firefighters indicated the existence of smoke in the home,” explained Johnston Fire Chief Jim Rohse.

“Because we know what to look for now the first thing we did was order the gas meter to be shut off.”

Firefighters say CSST has caused 17-fires in the metro in just the past three years.

Homeowners can have a contractor properly ground the piping to help prevent a fire.