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TEEN VANDALS: Urbandale Football Players Arrested

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An Urbandale family says they’ve been harassed by high school football players.

Three players and another student were arrested for vandalizing the family’s home. But they say the school is doing little about it, even allowing the football players to continue playing just days after their arrest.

“It started out as door ringing and running and started kicking the door and cussing and cussing and driving by and now this last incident they threw rocks at the house, damaged the gutter and lights,” the homeowner says.

We’re not revealing the homeowner’s identity, he’s afraid of retribution.

According to Urbandale police arrest records, three 16-year-old boys who play football at Urbandale High School were arrested along with a 15-year-old student who is not a football player.

Police records indicate, “[name redacted] stated that he, [name redacted] and [name redacted] had all picked up small pieces of dried dirt and went to the house and all three of them threw dirt at the back of the house”.

The house did sustain some damage.

One of the players did play in the varsity game against Valley High School last Friday, less than a week after his arrest.

According to the districts co curricular eligibility code, “Any student who’s conduct, either in or out of school, is such as to make him or her unworthy to represent the Urbandale Community School District shall be declared ineligible to participate in co curricular activities”.

And,  “The commission of a crime will be grounds for review relative to the co curricular eligibility code a determination relative to eligibility may be made without regard to whether the student is prosecuted or convicted”.

The owner of the home wonders why the district isn’t benching the players.

“Really disappointed that they didn’t put their foot down and do the right thing,”
the homeowner says. “We think they have the upper hand in  making this thing and taking the right measures I think we can end this thing and everybody move forward and be happy.”

Channel 13 approached the superintendent and the athletic director at Urbandale.  Neither would comment citing student confidentiality.

Editor’s note: We have decided to remove the names of the students involved because the alleged incident is still under investigation.


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