TORNADO DAMAGE: Clean-Up Efforts Continue

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People in western Iowa are still picking up the pieces from last week’s tornadoes.

The National Weather Service confirms an EF2 tornado hit the area east of Sioux City Friday with winds of up to 135-miles per hour.

Near Pierson, at least one home was destroyed along with a barn. Other nearby buildings and crops were damaged, but no one was hurt.

One family who lost their daughter to an accident a few months ago says the storm could have been much worse.

“This is nothing…and it is, it’s just stuff. We can live through anything, you know, that was…that was the worst, was losing Lauren,” says Patty Herbold. “Bud said, I’m glad it hit us and not the town, or you know, like Oklahoma, you know what they went through, we’re a few here and there, you know, it’s not a whole town of people.”

Friday night’s storm left a very visible mark on the Sioux Jersey Dairy in Salix. Dairy buildings were ripped apart and mangled by the tornado.

A group of volunteers worked for hours on Monday to clear the debris while maintaining normal dairy operations.

No one was injured there, and only one of their 4,200 cattle died in the storm.

The farm’s owner says he hopes to have the dairy building repaired before winter.