ANIMAL ABUSE: Police Say Man Left Dog To Die

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A Des Moines man is facing charges after police say he abandoned his dog and left it to die.

Fifty-four-year-old Michael Foley was charged with animal abuse and abandonment on Monday.

Police say he abandoned his dog Saturday near Echo Valley Country Club. The dog’s microchip led officers to Foley and his wife.

Foley reportedly told his wife he took the dog to the vet and it was euthanized.

It turns out the dog did have an infection on its back and was later euthanized.


  • Angie Peters

    Heartless. This saddest part is that he will only be charged with a misdemeanor in the state of Iowa. Cruelty of this nature should be a felony with mandatory substantial jail time. Don’t kid yourselves that this is the only instance of this type of cruelty. It happens all the time. He just got caught and it is on the news.

  • Victoria Vincent

    This makes me upset. If he didn’t want the dog or take care of it at least take it to a shelter where it can get the nutrition that it needed instead of letting it suffer and get infections. There are other ways to handle this situation.

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