DECORATING BRAS: Girl Scouts Supporting Breast Cancer Charities

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A Winterset Girl Scout troop was looking for a new arts and craft project. Trooper leaders found inspiration in the lingerie section.

Troop 417 is joining the Bras for the Cause movement.

The girls used their arts and crafts skills to decorate bras that will be auctioned off. The proceeds go to breast cancer charities.

Parents say the girls were nervous at first but quickly got over it.

“They were a little nervous about using bras because they’re still bofre that stage sao they were a little concerned about that but after we discussed what the cause was about, what it’s for and what it benefits, they were all for it,” says Kaci Kious. “They had no problems decorating bras."

The girls' bras will be judged this weekend.