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MOMS UNITE: Metro Moms Fight Neuroblastoma

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A group of metro moms is banding together to fight the rare cancer that is attacking their children.

The three moms are connected, connected by their kids and by a disease that has no cure.

“They felt her tummy, they did a tummy check and he felt that her liver was sticking out so he sent up for an ultra sound and that`s how we found out she has cancer,” says Julie Hall of Bondurant.

Hall says when she heard the news about her daughter Taylor it was hard to process.

“I`ve never been in so much emotional pain that it hurt physically but that`s what it did it felt like someone stabbed a knife into my stomach,” says Hall.

Taylor was diagnosed with stage three Neuroblastoma during her 18 month checkup.

For Melissa Boldy it came much earlier.

At only 7 weeks old, her son Jacob was in the hospital after a fall, when doctors came back with bad news.

“When we were there for observation they also did an x-ray and they found there was a tumor in his left chest, and they thought it was Neuroblastoma cancer,” says Melissa Boldy of Jefferson.

Suzanne Friedrickson said her son Landon's diagnosis didn't come until he was four years old.

The cancer had already progressed to stage four.

“It was just surreal because here he is healthy and happy and a full head of hair and now he`s hooked up to all these machines,” says Suzanne Friedrickson of Bondurant.

Neuroblastoma is a cancer that affects infants and young children.

Friedrickson says after rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, surgery and stem cell transplants her son still has cancer and there is little doctors can do.

“We are staying positive, we believe in God, we believe in miracles. However the doctors want you to know it doesn`t look curable,” says Friedrickson.

Only about 700 kids a year are diagnosed with Neuroblastoma nationwide.

“We need research, we need a cure, we need to save these kid’s lives,” says Boldy.

Staying positive and sticking together helps make the uphill battle these moms are facing a little easier to handle.

“There is no cure, we feel like it`s up to us Mom and Dads to find the cure and to help support the researchers that are on to something,” says Friedrickson.

A 5K Run/Walk, will be held at Gray's Lake Sunday October 13th from 2:00-6:00 p.m.

You can register the day of the race and all proceeds go towards Neuroblastoma research.

You can also donate directly to the cause by clicking here.

The run is sponsored by S & L Water, Altoona & Jefferson Fareway, Pepsi and Coke.