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TOWEL SERVICE: Braley Makes Shutdown Complaint

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With the government shutdown stretching into its second week, more and more people are feeling the pinch.

With the national mall shut down, Charleston SC resident Chris Cox trekked up to Washington to clean it up himself.

“I bought the blower and the lawnmower and started cutting the grass this morning. At the end of the day, the citizens are the stewards of the memorial. By the government not taking care of it, they’re forcing us to.”

One thing open on Capitol Hill is the gym where members of congress can work out. It was deemed “essential” for the members who voted to shut down the rest of the government

“The electricity, the hot water, the towels – they are not provided by gym fairies.  They are provided by taxpayers,” Oregon Representative Earl Blumenauer said. “Mr. Speaker if you and the House Republicans are serious and not cynical about the shutdown then shut down the House gym until this madness ends.”

Although Iowa Congressman Bruce Braley wants to hold on to his exercise routine, “I find it ironic that there’s this big push to shut down the House gym when it’s one of the rare places where people come together and actually talk about how we can build relationships.

Braley, who is seeking Sen. Harkin’s seat in 2014, added, “There’s hardly anybody working down there. There’s no towel service.”

The comment has received nationwide attention.

Additional reporting by CNN


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