VIDEO CHAT: Jail Installs New Communication System

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There's a new way to visit inmates at the Polk County Jail. It's called iWebVisit and it allows remote online visits from any location.

“You don`t have to leave. That`s not wasting gas you can just wake up and have your coffee and have your visit. It’s pretty much like they have never left,” says visitor Sonya Rumbly.

The video system which is similar to Skype is the first of its kind in Iowa. The system cost nearly $200,000.

iWeb will reduce waiting times in the lobby and give visitors an option if they can't travel to the jail. It will also allow for visitors to spend more time with the inmate.

“Realistically about an additional 57 hours a week is added to the visitation schedule that`s available now for family members that they wouldn`t have by just coming to the jail,” says Division Chief, Doug Phillips.

The video system will allow for reduced jail lobby traffic, prevent visitors from traveling long distances and protect children from the jail environment.

Visitors have to pay $11 for 30 minutes of iWeb use. The money will go towards paying off the cost of the system. After it is paid off, the money will go towards inmate programs.


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