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AGRIBUSINESS: Government Shutdown Continues As Both Sides Point Fingers

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House Speaker John Boehner says it’s time for Democrats and Republicans to sit down for negotiations without any preconditions. But Democrats say they’ve already made a major concession - agreeing to the low spending limits the GOP wanted.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said on the Senate floor that he doesn’t know what else there is to talk about. Republicans are focused on the Affordable Care Act. President Obama and Democratic leaders have said they’re willing to negotiate over spending issues and possibly ways to modify the health care law after the government is re-opened and the debt limit is raised.

Now a series of meetings have been announced with lawmakers from both parties and both chambers to focus on the government shutdown, looming debt crisis and fiscal stalemate. Republican and Democratic leaders met before the first of the White House meetings yesterday. The meeting reportedly lasted 40 minutes and did not yield any new agreements.