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DEBT CEILING: Treasurer Warns King & Latham

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Speaking outside of the mostly empty federal building in downtown Des Moines Thursday morning, Iowa’s treasurer commented on the effects of the shutdown and Congressional Republicans.

Mike Fitzgerald says Iowans and the nation can’t afford the reckless approach of the Republican Party. The Democrat added that if the debt ceiling is breached the US could see a recession similar or worse to the one in 2008.

Fitzgerald, who has held office since 1983, also had a warning for Iowa two Republican congressmen.

“Steve King and Tom Latham need to understand the severity of this not only would this be catastrophic for the world economy but Iowans will suffer the consequences of their reckless political actions. Enough of this ideological my way or the highway approach to get your demands,” Fitzgerald said.

After his press conference in Des Moines, Fitzgerald also spoke to media in Sioux City Thursday afternoon.

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  • Max Katzenbaum

    Get OFF of the Republicans! It’s Reid & Obama who ARE causing it! It’s the House that controls the purse strings and they choose to defund Obamacare, just as the majority of American people want them to do.

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