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FAMILIES SERVED: Salvation Army Gives Back

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The government shutdown hasn't hurt local food banks just yet, but it is affecting many of the families they serve.

Thursday morning The Salvation Army teamed up with national organization, “Feed the Children” to pass out items to families in need.

“It`s going to help a lot right now, it`s going to help a lot because I’m not working, my husband is working but not a whole lot,” says Michelle Stone of Des Moines.

A group of volunteers gathered to help pass out the 400 boxes full of food and personal care items to Des Moines families.

The items will last most families a week.

The recipients were all pre-selected as families with children who have used The Salvation Army's services in the last few months.

Some of the families the Salvation Army helps are also struggling through the government shutdown.

“I think with the government shutdown and a lot of the food stamps being cut back, WIC programs, stuff that helps young mothers who are struggling and young families it`s good to know that Feed the Children will help,” says Amara Hartley with The Salvation Army.

This is the 4th year "Feed the Children" has brought a truck to Des Moines to hand out food and other supplies.

The Salvation Army says they estimate they handed out items to at least 200 families as part of the event.

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