PAY BACK: Iowans To Get Scam Compensation

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Tens of thousands of Iowans could be getting some money back from a scam.

The Attorney General’s office brought a suit against a Connecticut-based discount membership club and won.

Attorney General Tom Miller says the club misled Iowans into signing up and paying for the membership through a free trial. However after the trial was up, consumers would have their credit cards charged monthly without proper notice to cancel the membership.

Over $5-million will be divided among Iowa victims.

Miller says the best defense against scams is being vigilant by checking your bills monthly for unauthorized charges and to be wary of free trials.

“The most important thing we can do in consumer protection is stop the fraud from beginning, it`s always harder to go back and stop it and then try and collect the money, prevention is the most effective form,” Miller said.

The Attorney General’s office will be contacting Iowans who were targeted by the scam.