AGRIBUSINESS: Poor Planting Conditions Affect Pumpkin Growers

No producers were exempt from this year's poor planting conditions, not even pumpkin growers.

At the annual Anamosa Pumpkin Weigh-Off, pumpkin grower Don Young said the season started off cold and wet, but by June 15 the season had started to look up.

However, the weather then got a little too warm and Young said all of his pumpkins started to abort while the little pumpkins just died and fell off.  After that, Young said he had to wait until July to get any of the pumpkins pollinated and things were looking good.  But shortly thereafter, the heat began to take its toll.

By August, the plants began dying off and Young said he was left with pumpkins weighing about 800-pounds.  Young said he thinks the best pumpkins of the year will come from Napa, Calif. where five of the world's largest pumpkins currently reside.

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