SOCIAL SECURITY: All Work, No Pay For Workers

Friday marks the 11th day government employees have gone without pay, forcing some government workers back to work.

“We are working, the only caveat is we’re not getting paid currently,” says Jeremy Maske.

While Maske works without pay, his job is to oversee people who receive social security in Iowa and Nebraska, making sure recipients get their social security checks.

“Well the people who are asking for benefits aren`t really all the effected,” says Maske. “Because the employees of the agency are still working and we’re still filing applications for retirement, survivor, disability benefits.”

Working for free under these circumstances is far from easy but Maske says he knows there's still work to be done.

“We`re very dedicated to the public.”

Furloughed workers hope to receive back-pay but it has yet to be confirmed if that will be the case.

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