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CYCLONES GAME: Game Tweets And Highlights

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The Iowa State University Cyclones kicked off their game against Texas Tech at 11 a.m. on Saturday in Lubbock, Texas.  Saturday’s game against the Red Raiders has been eagerly awaited by Cyclones fans anxious to see how the team will do after their last game against the Texas Longhorns led Coach Paul Rhoads to a heated post-game interview.

Texas Tech is the first team to the scoreboard, scoring a touchdown with six minutes left on the clock in the first quarter.  But right away, Iowa State fought back.  The Cyclones grab their first touchdown, tightening the score 7-7.  But the Red Raiders were back at it minutes later, taking the lead against the Cyclones 7-14.

The Cyclones fought back in the second quarter, eager to tighten the game against Texas Tech.  Iowa State scores another touchdown to even the score.  But the Red Raiders fought for the lead and minutes later rushed for yet another touchdown.  But the Cyclones pushed for another touchdown just minutes before half-time to even the score.

At half-time, the game was tied 21-21.

The third quarter was off to a slow start.  Texas Tech scored another touchdown with seven minutes left in the quarter, taking the lead against the Cyclones 21-28.

Early in the fourth quarter, Texas Tech tacked on another seven points to their lead over the Cyclones, making the score 21-35.  But the Cyclones were back at it with a touchdown.  They tighten up the game with the new score of 28-35.

The Red Raiders pushed hard against the Cyclones to grab another touchdown and they do, leading the game 28-42.  The Cyclones had a little more energy left in them and fought for another touchdown, tightening the game score to 35-42 with just two minutes left in the game.

But the clock ran out for the Cyclones before they could catch up to the Red Raiders.  The victory goes to Texas Tech, beating Iowa State University 35-42.

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