TECHNICAL ISSUE: EBT Card System Now Working

A technical glitch has caused problems for EBT card users across the nation on Saturday, including many here in Iowa.

The card system was down for about 10 hours, leaving some customers unable to purchase groceries.

The problem in the system was fixed and the cards were deemed usable again after 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, according to the Iowa Department of Human Services.

Some stores, like the Hy-Vee on East Euclid put signs on their doors to warn customers who use EBT cards that their cards might not work.

The electronic benefits transfer cards, better known as EBT, function as food stamp debit cards that deduct from the user’s benefits automatically.  The cards allow those who receive food assistance like SNAP benefits, to use the debit cards for easier use and more privacy.

The problem with the EBT cards impacted Iowa card users statewide along with users in seventeen states across the nation.

More than 400,000 Iowans receive food assistance each month, according to the Iowa Department of Human Services.

Officials said the problem with the EBT cards is not related in any way to the government shutdown.


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