THE INSIDERS: Fallon and Crow and Schnack

Channel 13’s Dave Price sits down with Ed Fallon, former Democratic state representative and now host of the Fallon Forum and Ken Crow, the founder of

Then later, Dave Price is joined by A.J. Schnack via Skype on his upcoming movie, Caucus.

What is a Tea Partier? Both Fallon and Crow state what they think what it means to be a Tea Partier. Does the Tea Party believe in compromise?

The Tea Party didn’t want Obamacare and there was little compromise in putting the bill together, no compromise in both chambers and Obamacare was shoved down the throats of the American people.

30-40 members of the Senate are holding the country hostage because they don’t want Obamacare and shut the government down because of it.

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