WORK RELEASE: Dangerous Felon Escapes

A violent felon is on the loose after escaping a work-release program, and the family of one of his victims is terrified.

Donald Fountain, 36, is a dangerous man.   His lengthy arrest record spans several years and includes everything from multiple counts of assault and stalking to violations of protective orders and harassment.

Now, he’s on the loose after walking away from an Ottumwa  work release program after serving just 14-months of a five year sentence for a violent attack.

An Ottumwa man who asked us not to reveal his identity, says he’s scared of Fountain after the sex offender served time for attacking a relative at gunpoint.

“He held her hostage more or less and raped her and everything and charges were filed” the man explained, “But, you know, he got out.”

Officials say Fountain served the time he was required to serve before being transferred to a work release facility.

Anyone who has seen fountain is asked to call Ottumwa police or the Wapello County Sheriff’s Department.


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