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AGRIBUSINESS: Conferees Named, Conference Set to Begin

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Twenty-nine House members have been named to join a conference with Senate conferees last Friday.  Of the named members, 21 are on the Agriculture Committee, 17 are Republicans, and 12 are Democrats.
Also on Friday, the House passed a motion to convene a House-Senate farm bill conference.
The House conferees include Agruculture Committee Chair Frank Lucas, who says the negotiating team is solid enough to reach a five year farm bill to submit to the President.
House Ag Ranking Member Collin Peterson says the task might prove more difficult since eight House conferees are not part of the Agriculture Committee.
Iowa Representative Steve King was one of the named conferees.  Senator Tom Harkin represents Iowa on the Senate side.
A resolution was passed urging conferees to support a Senate farm bill provision reducing crop insurance subsidies for producers making more than $750,000 annually.

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  • Troy Hendrickson

    No subsidies of any kind for corporate owned ag operations, no subsidies of any kind for any sole proprietorship whose annual income does not fall within federal poverty guidelines.

    All corporate owned land must be taxed at the same rate as any other commercial property and same valuation formulas used.

    Corporate owned land that is converted to development must pay taxes at full residential rates beginning with the date of the first publicly funded infrastructure projects benefitting the land being converted.

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