IOWA ECONOMY: Durham Says Future Is Bright


Iowa’s Economic Development Authority director Debi Durham was in western Iowa Monday talking about the low unemployment rate.

Durham says the state has a lot of jobs coming in but is struggling to find the talent to fill those jobs.

“Right now, industry is very strong, our economy is growing, our pipeline is full from people wanting to expand and to relocate here. So we need to be able to show that we have that skilled work force,” says Durham.

She says Iowa is still trying to fill jobs in major manufacturing areas and says it’s a good problem to have.

Iowa hast the fifth lowest unemployment rate in the country.

The audience in Onawa was filled with business owners and community leaders, hoping to learn what they can do to help and what they have to look forward to.

“But with the jobs coming, the housing market will boom. You’ve got people that will want to build new houses, but you’ve also got people that will want to remodel older houses and increase the tax base. So it helps the city, helps the county, and jobs are the bottom line. You get the jobs, everything else takes care of itself,” says Brent McCall with the Onawa Chamber of Commerce.

Durham says Iowa has a very bright future.



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