FARM BILL: Shutdown End Doesn’t Impress Farmers

The government budget deal isn't leaving farmers impressed.  They've had to deal with a loss of federal services since the shutdown, and are angry that lawmakers still haven't reached an agreement on the Farm Bill.

Brett Weiss of Afton isn't just disappointed with government, he's angry.

He paid off his Federal Farm Service Agency obligations months ago, but hasn't been able to obtain an FSA release because of the shutdown.  And because he doesn't have that release, and no one is staffing FSA to give it to him, he can't cash a check for $140-thousand for cattle he recently sold.

"Can't do nothing," Weiss says. "Can't pay the bills.  Got two kids.  I still got to put food on the table."

Weiss says he’s glad lawmakers have finally reached an agreement, now maybe he can get that check cashed.  But he says they’re doing such a poor job, none of them should be re-elected.

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