SHUTDOWN HOPES: Local Politicians React To Plan

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Iowa's Senators and Representatives weighed in on a plan to end the shutdown and raise the debt ceiling.

Sen. Tom Harkin said they are heading in the right direction but it shouldn't have taken this long to get there, he said the proposal gives everyone some breathing room to work towards a more permanent plan.

“It's a welcomed step but you have to ask yourself why it took seven months and a government shutdown and the threat of default to get to a point that we could have easily reached months ago and perhaps had this result by now,” said Sen. Harkin by phone.

Sen. Chuck Grassley says he's confident the Senate can pass a vote before the day is out, and is happy with one part of the proposal.

“It’s my understanding that this agreement will maintain the Budget Control Act levels of expenditures which is the only thing I know for sure about it,” says Sen. Grassley via a satellite interview.

Rep. Bruce Braley says he's optimistic a proposal will also pass the House.

He says we need to do what is best for all Iowans and that is to get the government back up and running.

“I'm ready to vote today for a bi-partisan deal that ends the threat to Iowa’s economy, re-opens the federal government and gets Iowans back to work,” says Rep. Braley.

Rep. Steve King said he has no plans to vote for anything in the next day and half that comes out of the House or Senate.

The Senate is expected to vote at 6 p.m. with the House to follow later in the evening.