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ART SHARES: Program Supports Local Artists

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A new program in the metro could help local artists and help you collect interesting pieces for your home. By now, you've probably heard of Community Supported Agriculture, which is when people buy shares of food from local growers. Now, organizers of a new program hope to do the same for artists.

Painting is Cat Rocketship's profession. She says, "I'm a painter. I graduated from Drake with a painting major in 2007 and I've been painting ever since."

Now, she's taking on a new project. She says, "This is Community Supported Art Des Moines, and it is very much like a community supported ag program."

It's like buying a share of produce from a local farmer. With Community Supported Art, people will invest in a $300 share of art. Rocketship says, "So, you'll buy your share and then in summer of 2014, we'll have nine selected artists who will deliver art work to be a part of the program."

Shareholders will collect the art at three parties during the summer, and you'll have no idea what you'll get. Rocketship says, "Most of the pieces will be visual art, so drawings, prints, paintings. But, some of them will also be poems or pieces of music freshly pressed EP's, things like that.”

Shareholders will even get a bit of a bumper crop. Rocketship says, "Some bumper crop goodies, extras, stickers posters things like that, all with the view of supporting art and kind of bringing the art community together."

Rocketship is replicating the CSA program started in Minneapolis. Other large cities around the country offer similar services to boost the local art scene. Rocketship says, "Helping people jump start art collecting, so hopefully they'll start with CSA Des Moines and then move on to buying more art."

Fifty shares will be available. Half are already reserved. The nine selected artists will get a $1,000 stipend. Click here to find more information about Community Supported Art Des Moines.