HIT HARD: Getting Back To Normal After The Shutdown

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Federal employees in Iowa are getting ready to head back to work now that the government shutdown is over.

But some of the harder hit areas in Iowa are having a hard time bouncing back after struggling through the shutdown.

The dam road is closed, for one more night at least.

Saylorville has been virtually unmanned since Oct. 1, but with the agreement between two parties and a signature from one man, that could change by Thursday.

“You feel guilty, for one, that you’re working and somebody else isn’t,” said Col. Greg Hapgood.

Hapgood has been one of the few who were not furloughed.  Over 1,000 others were furloughed and 122 still are.

“They’re frustrated to say the least.  They would much rather be doing their job and contributing,” Hapgood said.

Everyone should be back to work by Friday.

For federal workers in Iowa, the Washington impasse hung like a dark cloud.

Rent, mortgages, food, utilities, all those things came due and people couldn’t pay for them, said Social Security workers.  We only got half a check the last time and this next check’s only going to be for a couple days, workers said.

Social Security workers stayed on the job, but many weren’t paid.  They’ll celebrate the return on the job.

It will probably be back up and running here this week, said workers in the Social Security office.

Was this shutdown too bad to happen again? Or is this Congress too divided to count on?

“It certainly makes you wonder about the future.  When will this happen again? And will it be as painful as this or even worse?” Hapgood said.

Those are questions for the next week and for the next budget debate.  For now, the clouds are parting and the dam road looks ready to open again.

All 18 employees at Saylorville Lake, including Operations Manager Jeff Rose, have been on furlough.  Staff said they thought that all services there could reopen as soon as Thursday.

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  • 333maxwell

    The Government will open now..

    Vet’s will get their benefits.
    Meals on wheels for the elderly and WIC will now be funded again.
    National Parks will re-open.
    Government buildings will re-open.
    The US and World markets have a better sense of stability now
    Specialized Medical research can now continue.
    Specialized Technology research can now continue.
    Those ‘kids with cancer’ in research facilities will be re-enacting their treatments once again.
    The old and disabled no longer have to stress they may be cut off their SS.

    These are just a FEW things.

    Overall it is a VERY GOOD Government.. Don’t let anyone say any different.

    (I’d certainly like to apologize to those poor civilians that were furloughed that will not be seeing any real compensation for their loss. I am totally embarrassed some in my country allowed this to happen to you for prideful political kicks.

    And the men and women of the Parks service who had to put up with so much nonsense, and to all the people who just wanted to get back to their jobs.. ‘thank you’… from all us sensible Americans who appreciate your efforts in our society).

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