MILITARY HOMECOMING: Soldier Meets Daughter

After spending months away, 40 members of the 186th Military Police flew into the Des Moines Airport Thursday and one soldier had someone very special waiting for him.

The Dorsey family has been waiting ten months for this day to come.

For parents Rich and Phong Dorsey, it wasn`t easy supporting their son's decision to join the Iowa National Guard. It was even harder when he deployed to with the 186th Military Police Company to Honduras.

But Friday, Specialist Lance Dorsey was on his way home. And there was a new family member waiting to meet Dorsey in person for the first time - his daughter Layla.

His sister Sammy Dorsey says, “I think he needs to meet his daughter and I think he`ll fall in love with her.”

She was born a couple months after her father left, but her first word was "dada."

As father and daughter met for the first time, she learned why this word is so special.

Lance has got 8-months of catching up to do with the new lady in his life. And together his family will get him up to speed in no time.

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