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PESKY SWINE: Willie The Pig Captured

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On a sleepy street tucked away on Des Moines' east side, neighbors usually welcome visitors but an unwanted one kept coming back.

“You just see him, you look out the back of the window and there he`d be just digging in the dirt,” says Bonnie King.

Bonnie King has been trying to catch the creature in her backyard for weeks. She’s tried luring it with sweet corn, peanut better, and finally marshmallows.

King laughs, “That’s must have what done the trick. We woke up this morning and was caged, praise the lord!”

Animal Control booked the suspect around 8:30 Thursday morning. Animal Care and Control manager Josh Colvin says they've dealt with suspects with snouts before.

The 50 pound pot belly pig, commonly known as “Willie” was on the loose for two months. Upon the capture, Animal Control quickly realized “Willie” was a female.

Colvin jokes, “I want Petunia but nobody seems to be agreeing with that.”

Chief Humane Officer, Sergeant James Butler, believes they could have caught the swine sooner if not for those who wanted the pig to continue to run free.

“It would appear that some folks, probably children, allowed the pig out of its cage.”

King says her neighborhood will be better off without Willie.

Animal Control will hold the pig for a few days, waiting to see if an owner steps forward. If not, the pig will be placed for adoption. In the meantime, it's doing time in the pig-pen.

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