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VETERANS RETURN: Eastern Iowa Honor Flight

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A group of Iowa veterans were in Washington D.C. during the last day of the government shutdown Wednesday, but the shutdown didn’t affect their plans.

The veterans on the 12th Easter Iowa Honor Flight touched down in Cedar Rapids around 11:00 p.m.

One veteran on board is the father of Channel 13 Photojournalist Roger Riley. Wayne Riley was welcomed not only by family, but uniformed members of the Norway, Iowa fire department.

The 170 World War II and Korean era vets came back to hundreds of cheering people. They say they enjoyed their time touring the monuments built in their honor.

“What really got me is the little kids that would come up and shake our hands…you know like 10-12 years old they come up and congratulate us,” says Wayne Riley.

On the trip home each veteran was given letters of thanks from family members.