WOMAN ARRESTED: Charge Of Harassment Over E-Mails


A Des Moines woman is now charged with harassing a school employee over the firing of Lincoln High School football coach Tom Mihalovich.

Fifty-seven-year-old Carol Ann Tiernan-Williams is charged with 3rd degree harassment. She has allegedly been e-mailing the employee and posting Facebook messages on her profile for over a year.

Police warned Tiernan-Williams in October of 2012 she’d be arrested if she didn’t end communications. This week the victim provided three recent e-mails to police from Tiernan-Williams.

Police called Tiernan-Williams to let her know she would be arrested and she opted to turn herself in on Tuesday.

Police say the e-mails were not threatening but since it was unwanted contact the charge was filed.

Teirnan-Williams spoke with the Des Moines Register about the case and says she plans to fight the charge.


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