TEEN DRIVING: ‘Celebrate My Drive’ Safety Project

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Central Iowa schools are working to change the driving habits of students at a time when they are vulnerable to deadly crashes.

“Our State Farm Research shows 33 percent higher incidents of death and accidents with the teenage drivers. A lot of it is texting and driving,” says Pat Brown, State Farm Insurance Ames.

State Farm is sponsoring a program called Celebrate My Drive with Ames High School to encourage students to make lifelong commitments to safe driving.

The school is holding an assembly Friday. Community leaders will meet with students to encourage them to be leaders when it comes to texting and driving.

Schools taking part in the program also have a good incentive.

The more commitments made at Ames High School, the better chances they have to win a grant of up to $100,000 and a shot at the grand prize of a private concert by Kelly Clarkson.

Ames High School Principal Spence Evans hopes it changes habits now and down the road

“What we want out students to be is change agents, because frankly when you’re driving around not only do you see students texting but you also see adults and things of that nature. We want to work to be proactive, to make a change,” says Evans.

State Farm is also sponsoring a similar event later this month in the Woodward-Granger School District.

To make commitments, students log on to www.celebratemydrive.com to renew their safe driving pledge each day from October 18th to the 26th.