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CYCLONE FOOTBALL: Baylor Game Highlights And Tweets

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The Iowa State University Cyclones are playing against the Baylor Bears in Waco, Texas.  Saturday night's game kicked off at 6 p.m. at Floyd Casey Stadium.

The Baylor Bears are the first team to the scoreboard as the team scores back to back touchdowns.  The Bears lead the Cyclones with six minutes left in the first quarter, 0-14.

With two minutes left in the first quarter, the Bears are back with a field goal.  Baylor strengthens the lead against the Cyclones, 0-17.

Baylor snags another field goal in the second quarter with the Bears now beating the Cyclones 0-20.  With a few minutes left in the second quarter, the Bears scored another touchdown.  Baylor has the lead over Iowa State 0-27.

The Bears are back for another touchdown with less than one minute before half-time. But the Bears weren't finished there, before half-time Baylor scored a field goal.  At half-time, Baylor has a more than 30-point lead over Iowa State as they lead the game, 0-37.

The third quarter begins with a huge lead for the Bears.  Minutes into the third, Baylor scores another touchdown.  The Bears boost their lead against the Cyclones, 0-44.

The Bears scored a touchdown with four minutes left in the third quarter.  Baylor boosts their lead against Iowa State, 0-51.

But Baylor wasn't finished with Iowa State, the Bears scored yet another touchdown on the Cyclones.   With 11 minutes left in the game, the Bears have a near-60 point lead on the Cyclones, 0-58.

Boosting their lead against the Cyclones further, the Baylor scores another touchdown.  The Bears now lead the Cyclones 0-64.

Finally a break for the Cyclones.  With just minutes left before the end of the game, Iowa State finally makes it onto the scoreboard.  The Cyclones score a touchdown, 7-64.

But Baylor is back at it with a touchdown of their own.  With one minute left in the game, the Bears adds another seven points to their lead, 7-71.

The Baylor Bears beat the Iowa State Cyclones in Saturday's game, 7-71.

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