HOME INVASION: Pleasant Hill Family Held At Gunpoint

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A Pleasant Hill family was held at gunpoint and robbed on Saturday night.

Police said five armed men broke into a house at 775 Sunburst Drive around 8:15 p.m. on Saturday.

The men came in through the basement sliding window and went up the stairs where the family was watching TV, according to police.  Officers said the man and woman were held at gunpoint by two of the men while the others searched the home.

The men found the couple’s son upstairs.  They then forced him to the ground and held him at gunpoint, according to police.

Officers said the robbers took the victim’s cell phones, cash and valuables from the family.

The suspects were gone before police arrived at the home, officers said.

The victims’ names have not been released.

Police said the men wore hoodies and bandanas during the home invasion.  Anyone with information about the case is urged to call the Pleasant Hill Police.


  • JstLvng

    This is flat scary. FIVE guys to rob a house. They are not going to stop at one. Time for permits to carry to be enforced Americans! Shoot now, ask questions later, save your family.

    • Vikki Nokes

      Exactly! That’s what my Daddy always taught us. Shoot first! Don’t have time to ask questions! And if there is five? Get a machine gun! LOL

  • leopardcolony

    Another TV station reporting the hoodies and bandanas, that’s better than some of the other local media. Of course no description of the 5 men beyond that. Obviously must be those Norwegians again! Another good example of how police CAN NOT protect us from Norwegian criminals. We have to be armed at all times if possible. Remember the pack of Norwegians who beat a guy to death in down town Des Moines? No where is safe from Norwegians.

  • leopardcolony

    Open war is upon us whether we would have it or not. We must be armed to save our families. Please do remember to keep guns away from children and unstable adults. When you keep a gun beside the bed at night lock the bedroom door. Never underestimate the ability of children to get into things they are not supposed to.

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