BUGGING ANDY: Baby Names And People’s Opinions

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What's Bugging Andy this week is all about baby names.  Everyone has an opinion, but why should they get a say in what you name your baby?  Is it okay to tell someone you hate the name they want to use for their kid or should you lie so you don't hurt their feelings?



  • Dawn W.

    Thfft! :-) I think you should go with Donovon… nice mature name that can be shortened to Don, Donnie or Von. I suggest a name just to bug you, Andy! :-)

  • The Rural Iowegian

    When choosing a child’s name, remember that they are stuck with that name for their entire life. If you want your child to tell others that their parents were idiots or on drugs, pick a name that is going to embarrass them. If you want your child to grow up respecting you, pick a name that is sensible and one that other kids will not make fun of them for.


    Moonbeam Smith

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