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HOME INVASION: Two Teen Suspects Named

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The names of two of the teens charged in connection with a home invasion this weekend have been released.

Pleasant Hill police say five people broke into a home Saturday evening. They held a family of three at gunpoint while they robbed the house.

Three teens were arrested and charged shortly after the break-in.

Emmanuel Philpot and Bryan Hill, both 17-years old, are being charged as adults with first degree burglary.

The third suspect’s name isn’t being released.

Police have released details on the two others believed to be part of the break-in.

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  • Travis Roberts

    These losers held the family at gunpoint. That’s it. After they’re convicted they need to be sentenced to life in prison, no parole, no good behavior. I don’t give a sh*t about them being only 17. If the public doesn’t stop thinking that these types of thugs should be treated with kid gloves and given all kinds of second chances and the courts and judges don’t start getting serious about punishment (NOT “rehabilitation”), then others will continue to glamorize and emulate this lifestyle. Whenever a gun is involved the punishment should be severe and long-lasting. And then go after their loser parents who apparently enabled this behavior.

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