NEW ADDITIONS: Franchises Coming To Southeast 14th

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The Des Moines city council is talking about new businesses coming to Southeast 14th Street.

“You have those franchises like Dunkin` Donuts, or Buffalo Wild Wings investing in the corridor, that`s a great sign of confidence that there is a some spending power in the neighborhood and that the economy coming back,” says Assistant City Manager Matthew Anderson.

In addition to Buffalo Wild Wings and Dunkin’ Donuts, there’s a Hy-Vee convenience store going up near the existing Hy-Vee grocery store on Indianola Avenue.

City officials say the franchises show economic stability is returning to the area and people who live there will spend money locally instead of going elsewhere in the metro.

Anderson says, “Instead of those dollars flowing to other parts of the metro to buy their goods and services bringing those retail options back into their own neighborhood, they`re going to spend their money there.”

He also says the city is working with the Downtown Community Alliance on the possibility of a year-round community market. The market might be put on Walnut Street as that area is re-developed.